Transform your idea in a real business with Starter by Schoolab@INTEK

Join our 6-month incubation program to go from an idea to a product or service ready for market.

                                           Vietnam program kicks off January 1st, 2020                                            Enrollment ends December 27th, 2019

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Why join Schoolab Starter?

SChoolab is a reference in the French AND EUROPEAN innovation ecosystem

Starter is a 6-month incubation program dedicated to early-stage startups to go from an idea to a product or service ready to be commercialized

MORE THAN 480 startups accelerated in Paris & San Francisco

We're convince the futur generation has the mindset to meet the challenges our society is facing. Our program has been created to give them the skills

50 %
are still in business
11 M$
raised since 2014

Why Starter Schoolab@INTEK in Vietnam?

6-month program

composed of 3 intensive bootcamp, weekly workshops (entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Lean Startup) and monthly mentoring

7/7 co-working space

in a techno-friendly environment at INTEK with daily interaction with highly qualified students and tech mentors

150$ Monthly fees

corresponding to the average price of a co-working space, with all the support you need to build your startups

Our program to become the next successful entrepreneur

kick-off: On-boarding & team-building

During one week, you'll learn to live, work and die with your co-founders, partners, team-mates and the rest of the batch. We believe that creating team-spirit is essential to go through the long journey of entrepreneurship.
Get ready!

Step 1: From idea to product

The first month is dedicated to challenge your idea by focusing on your core target and their needs. Using the Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, you will quickly built a product that can be tested, sold and improved.
The goal: help you build your prototype in record time!

Step 2: From product to market

The second month is all about acquiring your first users! It’s a crucial phase where our local and international experts will help you define your brand, design an impactful marketing strategy and growth-hack your market.
The goal: help you get your users and customers in a month!

Step 3: From market to business

Get ready for investors ! The focus in now on growth, traction and fundraising. We provide you with the right skills to be ready to scale. Legal workshops, Investor Deck trainings and negociation applications will help you get your startup to the next level without giving away to much shares.
The goal: be ready to scale!

Step 4: Mentoring to scale

After the achievement party, our dedicated program team will elaborate with you a strategy to spot the best mentors to help you scale in your field of business.

Our perks and advantage for our startups

90% off for all Schoolab Companies

$5,000 in AWS Promotional Credit valid for 2 years

6 month free of Typeform Pro

Unlimited prototypes For 6 months

50K$ of transaction offer

12 month support Up to $100,000 of infrastructure budget

90% off premium for Schoolab Companies

$3,000 in Cloud and Firebase Credits

no fees on the 20K€ payments

50% off on every plan

6 month of gold membership offered

6 free months Up to 30K emails/month

Join our program today

Join our incubation program to transform your idea in a real business!